Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Let's talk about them.  Last I counted, we have three human heads in my household.  There's mine (size 7 and 3/8), my son's and my wife's.
So, by my count, there should only be three pillows (I'll give six at most - that allows for a day pillow and a night pillow for each noggin even though there should never be a day category when it comes to soft things to rest you cranium against).
However, I just went around our home and did a quick pillow inspection and count.
There are sixteen.
There are so many, in fact, that I have to throw nine off of the couch just so I can rest prone and watch a movie.
What gives?
Why so many?
Are all homes like this?  Do they reproduce?  Is this taught in some class that I missed?


  1. My, you have a big head. Must be hard to find a hat that fits.

  2. On the pillow count, I think it has something to do with the other two members of your household. At my job at the hotel, invariably when I have a family check in, especially one with kids, shortly after they check in I'll get a call at the front desk asking "Could we have more pillows?" It is especially true when the kids check in. I think they like to use the pillows for other things other than to lie their heads on. In our household here (two adult men) we have a total of TWO pillows (two separate beds.) That's it. TWO PILLOWS in the whole house. DOS. And Bill doesn't even use his pillow. It's there for decoration, only to be tossed on the floor at night when he goes to bed. I'm the only one who uses a pillow and I double it up so there's not too much of my slobber on it in the morning.

  3. I never thought about it...I just counted the ones in my bedroom. 10.

  4. Your brother uses three pillows at night!

  5. You should USE more of the pillows at your disposal, honey. Maybe if you did, I'd be sleeping right now instead of listening to you SNORE for hours on end.

  6. I just counted at least 17 between the couch, my bed and guest bed...and I have a pile of them that I need to get rid of... I agree w/ Ron about the kids...I used to only use one at a time, but now, any given night I have to use at least 3 since the babe sleeps with me (to keep her from rolling on the floor).