Thursday, August 19, 2010

Third Guy From the Left

I got your dance card, soldier.
Those first two men?  No problem. 
 Gentleman Number One - too much smile, the loose left hand is his tell.  He ain't much of a threat. 
 Guy Number Two?   I'll give him a little credit.  He's got that whole "I'm the quiet cowboy in the background" thing going on.  I would not turn my back on him, that's for certain, but he's soft.
The three to the right of the center post - you might as well cut them out of the picture.
You, however - The Third Guy From the Left -
you scare me.
Everyone else looks like they are posing for the photograph, but you are some place else, aren't you?
Your mind has completely snapped.
You sir, are a warrior - a savage whose wandering eye makes people sweat.
I do not think it would be possible to smoke any more of that stogie in your mouth, but something tells me that you probably eat the thing when you're done.
White hat.
White knuckled grip.
Third Guy From The Left -
You take the cake.


  1. Always original. I admire the depths of your talent.

  2. Naw man, the guy to the far right. He must be the accountant. That the guy who always brings you down in the end.