Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Carnival Baseball

I wrote a book.  It's called Carnival Baseball and it is available electronically on Smashwords for free (not a bad price).  It is also available for Kindle on Amazon for 99 cents
(I wanted to go free there as well, but that is as low as I could go - like limbo!).

My nine-year-old son designed the cover using Gimp software.  I think he did a fabulous job and it is a fine representation of the story.

This was my first foray into e-books and at times the venture was daunting.  I downloaded a copy via Stanza on my iphone and ipad and it looks pretty good (the writing is a whole different matter).  My mother has a copy from Smashwords on her Kindle and I thought that came out the best.  At any rate, I am proud to say that no trees were destroyed in its creation.

Here is the short summary:

Managing a Carny Baseball team is a tough gig. Just ask Sarge Safran. As head coach of the 1933 Wilmington Whispers, he holds a grocery list of troubles. His catcher is a double amputee. The robot outfielders are held together with chicken wire and his star player is an ego-driven hunk of chewing tobacco. Witch doctors. Vampires with tommy guns. Pitchers who wield lightning. Of course, all pale in comparison to the pending wager with the Devils Right Hand and the nine inning bet for Sarge’s soul.
And who exactly is the stranger that lurks in the shadows of the bleachers?

Carnival Baseball turns the mythology of our nation’s pastime on its head and tells the tale of a born loser who simply refuses to fail.

As you can tell, the story is based on actual events.

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