Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

It is Sunday Evening.
Here are the pictures from the week.

My nephew.
He turns six this week.

Bulldog stampede.

The many faces of Elvis 
Pez dispensers (or pills - just like the King).

Call me a snob, but I do no think I will be partaking in the local gas station's meatloaf and rigatoni bolognese.
But, hey.  That's just me.

Indian River Inlet.
I almost hit the entire state Saturday.  I went south to Bethany and then north to Newark.

Tri-athletes  in Bethany.

University of Delaware Football tailgating. 
This was his first.
(I think I'm going to cry).

Delaware's Marching Band.

The Sousaphone section came up to serenade.
It's a big Blue Hen tradition.
Hens won.
They are now 3-0.

This is the Brecknock Trail where my son and I ride our bikes almost everyday.  It's a great spot.

Here is the sukkah built by the synagogue where my son attends Hebrew School.
It has lights and everything.
Very nice.

See you next week.


  1. Another nice Sunday evening post. A small correction, that's actually the Sousaphone section of the marching band. I used to be a Sousaphone player. A tuba is a whole 'nother different instrument. Us former Sousaphone players are very sensitive about being lumped in with the lowly tuba players. Carrying a Sousaphone takes a lot more stamina.

  2. Changed it. Thanks for the correction. John Philip would be proud.