Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

Are you ready for some football?
My dentist was amped to talk about the Mountaineers.
I wonder why.

Friday might have been the last official beach day.
I hope to get in a few more, though.

Trust me.
It works.


Second Street, Lewes.

The Amish Bike Tour was in and around Dover this weekend.

He doesn't look very Amish.
Must be a cousin from Ohio.

I saw the Commodores in Harrington, Delaware and I am here to tell you that they put on quite a show.
No one could resist a live performance of "Brick House."

Checking out the new town homes next door.  The exterior walls are almost a foot thick of poured concrete forms.  Very energy efficient.  We are almost ready to build our new house with the same stuff.
Hopefully I will be blogging about it soon.

My wife is like Mary Poppins.  She runs around and takes care of kids while the parents rest.

I heard a wise man once say,
"C is for cookie.
That's good enough for me."
I think it was Albert Einstein.

My wife and friends have this whole child labor scam going on where the little ones hammer out pizzas all day long.  It's very Dickens.

Finished products.
Wait a minute.
Are those pretzels?

See you next week.


  1. ironic, i was just on the west virginia campus this weekend.