Thursday, September 9, 2010

Terps vs. Navy

I was in the metropolis of Sandtown, Delaware last Monday when I discovered the Navy/Maryland football game on the radio of my car.  Two thoughts went through my mind.  
The first was:
Go Navy.
The second was:
I bet my good friend "H" is there right now.
So I texted him.

ME:  Are you at the navy v terps game?

HIM:  Yep. You?

ME:  I just intercepted that pass.

HIM:  You look fat....   So I'm tailgating..... 10 feet down/ over is (my ex-girlfriend).

ME:  Nice.  Is she still married?

HIM:  Allegedly.... I did NOT go over and say hello.... (your wife) would be proud.

ME:  No. You just went over, flashed your cufflinks, and said, "These cost more than your wedding did."

HIM:  I needed you, brother.

Alas, Navy lost.

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