Friday, December 10, 2010


Gray days and ice on the ponds.
Pitch black by 5:30 PM.
Dry skin and sinus headaches.
Yep.  It's official.  Old Man Winter is spades, no less.

Fortunately, the good people of Huy Fong Foods (who probably have never even heard of winter) created Sriarcha Hot Chili Sauce.

Sriracha is made from chili peppers that are ground into a paste and seasoned with garlic.  It is packaged in a convenient squeeze bottle and can be thrown on any dish.

My wife and I were introduced to the stuff by a Cuban slash Mexican slash American friend of ours and I use it throughout the cold days as a poor man's Zoloft (The stuff is great on lentils and makes a mean bloody mary meanierer - I dare say perhaps meaneriest).

It can definitely stave off the chill, but a word of caution - use it sparingly at first.  I foolishly slathered it on a sandwich not too long ago and paid dearly.
My wife and son still mock me by imitating the results.


  1. "Meaneriest". A new addition to my vocabulary. Right up there with "Refudiate." Thank you.