Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I rarely read newspapers these days.  Whenever I do, I find the news and information negative and depressing.  Just once I would like to find out something that makes me feel good.  Hopefully, one day I will unfold a Sunday edition of the New York Times and find something that makes me smile.  Until then, here are some wishful-thinking headlines.

Hunter Thompson Alive and Well in Hawaii!

Republicans and Democrats Decide to Hug it Out.

Charlie Brown Kicks Record Field Goal!

Hidden FDA Records Indicate Bacon is Good for You.

Weekend Officially Extended to Include Mondays.

New Study Reveals Women are Most Attracted to Redheaded Men.

U.S. Leaves Iraq and Afghanistan.

Pittsburgh Pirates Win the World Series!!!!


  1. I like most of 'em...but cannot throw in on that Pirates thing...you know I am a Phillies fan...
    And how 'bout our pitching staff this coming season....

  2. I heard the news - they set up a regular arsenal up there! I say they bring back Luzinski as a base coach and enforcer for the Phanatic.

  3. Bacon is my favorite. Although now that I've started working out, bacon may not be my friend.

  4. How about"James Wins Lottery"?

  5. The good news is that there are people like you and your family Colby in this world.