Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

Busy weeks.
L and I has taken a back seat to long work hours and planning a new home.
The week in photos, however, will soldier on
(Unless it is time for tea.  That trumps all).

 The app of the week for iPhone was "CatPaint."  You take a photo and then have the ability to throw in cats any where you like.  

 A new pizza joint has come to the area and makes stellar pies.  These slices were left in the fridge and got me in a lot of trouble after my significant other discovered that I ate them.  Unbeknownst to me, she had claimed them as her own.  Domestic calamity ensued.

 Who has a thumb and hangs out with knuckleheads?
This guy.

 I think this swim team member has an unfair advantage.  Turns out he's half amphibian.

 We went down to Dogfish Head Restaurant and Brewery to celebrate a friend's 43rd birthday.
Cats and laser beams were not included.


 This is either a sign in a women's bathroom or the Steeler's locker room
(I can write that.  I'm a fan).

 "Many hands make the work light".
That is one of my favorite sayings.  Here the hands roll up turkey meatballs.

 The entire household has succumbed to sinus infections.  Copious amounts of tea has been consumed and a red X has been painted on the door.

 When all other congestion remedies fail, I turn to the peppers.  My son and I whipped up this concoction that contains 10 jalapenos, 2 habaneros, 2 Thai peppers, vinegar, shallots and a banana.
Instant nasal pressure relief.

 What do you call a group of wild turkeys?
A rafter.
(Knowing is half the battle).

The Sunday sun sets on Rehoboth Beach.  Coffee on the car ride home, an SNL rerun with my son, NyQuil, and bed.

See you next week.


  1. "Adjust your dress", Steeler's locker room? You got me on a laugh out loud on that one. I needed a wake up call here at work. I was drifting off to dream land due to the lack of business. You definitely have an eye for the whimiscal. Yet another great Sunday Post. Thanks for sharing again.

  2. "Please adjust your dress before leaving."

    I believe this is, verbatim, the wording on a sign in the mens room at the Army & Navy Club in Washington, DC.

    I don't quite get it. Perhaps, I naive, but I don't think it's supposed to be humor.

    Some type of oldstyle formality?

    Is this a way of saying to people who have had too much to drink, don't forget to pull up your zipper?

    Enjoy your blog.

    Sorry the Steelers lost.