Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday Evening Post

Here it is.  The week in pictures from our iPhones.
Go Steelers.

 A cloud that looks like a mouse.
Or a pirate's hook.
Or a fake beard.

 We met a good friend who has done most of the design work for our new home to discuss some final details.
He ordered a beer described by the waitress as "fruity" and my wife and I simultaneously quipped that he was fruity, too.
His beer came in this glass.  Perfect.

My son constructed a Lego Steelers sign for the big game.  

 Eli went for his annual sledding trip down the mean hills of Baltimore.  
For a two year old, he is pretty fearless.

What the smock?!

My wife had to take my son for a quick trip to the Emergency Room.
Everything turned out fine and Dr. Barbie was spotted hanging out in the ultrasound techs' office.

Serious drama this week on Main Street.  The local car dealer caught on fire and was fully engulfed in flames when I came home from work.  Luckily, no one was hurt.  I sent my wife a text and attached the photo about what was occurring.  She texted me back to send more fire pictures.  Who does that?
So I sent this...

She deserved it.

How the rice is served at the local Thai place -
with love.

Skate Par-tay!!

The special Super Bowl Sunday Yoga Session.
Steelers won this one.

I met this black labrador in Caroline County, Maryland.  He broke his leg years ago, and now makes out the best way he can.  A great dog.
Now, for all of you golfers-
this is a sharp dog leg left.
(Sorry - I couldn't help myself).

My son and I spent some XY chromosome time together relaxing next to the wishing well.
We threw a penny in for a certain football team.

See you next week.


  1. I'm glad everything turned out all right with your son in the emergency room.

  2. The important thing is, per Ron, that your son is okay.

    Now, to quibble: "fully engulfed" is a redundancy.