Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten Years Gone By

I was blessed for a few minutes during a car ride today when Led Zeppelin's "Ten Years Gone By" came across the radio.  Every once in a while we are thrown a moment of zen and it's important to seize it when it arrives.  Iggy Pop's "Passenger" stretched the bliss a little longer and then as mysteriously as it had begun, the wonder of it all disappeared into cracks and pops of bad reception. 

 It was over.

There were many times during my childhood when I rode shotgun with my father and tunes played by unseen DJs turned the pages of Dad's biography.
Elvis' "Love MeTender" would hit the air and my father was back in 1956 at the Capitol Theater.
Any song by the Beatles would begin a retelling of the time his sister cried when she was not allowed to watch their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.
He could remember dates and locations for the first times he heard "Oh Donna," "Peggy Sue," and "Runaway."
I was always amazed by his sharp recollection when I was growing up, but I didn't think much about it and wrote it off as having a Dad with a photographic memory.

 I'm the Dad.
 In the backseat of my car sits my nine-year-old son...

and the songs now tell my story.

"50 Ways to Leave your Lover"
"I'm a Fool to Do your Dirty Work"
"Dancing with Myself"

From "Rikki Don't Lose That Number" to "Holiday in Cambodia",
my past life has a soundtrack that I willingly share to a captive audience of one.

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  1. And, you will notice as you get older that you won't know the current hits of the day. When I was young I thought my parents (and uncles) were such old fogey's by saying "They don't make music like they used to. What with all this Elvis Presley 'stuff' that is supposed to pass for music." Now I'm the Old Fogey. I could'nt begin to tell you what or who is popular today other than Chris Brown beats up his girlfriend and throws temper tantrams, breaking windows, when questioned about it on a morning talk show. And, like my parents of many years ago, I DON'T CARE. But ask me about the top songs of the 60's and 70's? I'm there baby! CCR!