Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

Pics from the week.

 Sunglasses.  Building self confidence since 1931.

 My son's new project is collecting water from three different sources, bottling it, and placing it in sunlight to document the new ecosystem created.  I am planning on throwing a small fish into it on April 1st to freak him out.
He makes it too easy.

 I turned 39 this week (here is how my brother signed my birthday card).  I have no gray hair to date, I weigh just as much as I did back in high school, and I still rock the casbah.  If God allows me to see 40 I promise I will host a boss roller skate party and "Double Dutch Bus" by Frankie Smith will be played at least twice.

 My nephew can't stand to hear "Happy Birthday" sung aloud.  I can dig it.  I can't watch people file their fingernails.  It skeeves me out.

 My wife's friend is a teacher and she recently helped the staff and fellow teachers at her school fold (almost) 1,000 paper cranes as a show of support for Japan.  The school has an ongoing exchange program with schools in Japan and Japanese students were originally scheduled to arrive here the week after the earthquake.

 The week brought Eli to town for a few days and that is always good news. He brought along his entourage (of one) as well.  Good times had by all.

 He does a pretty good Stevie Wonder impersonation, but his harmonica playing still needs a lot of work. 

 I was able to share one of my favorite past times with him - drawing mustaches on people's pictures in the newspaper.  The classics never grow old.

 My new glasses.  I bumped into Paul Williams and he gasped and said "Seriously, those are way too big" - which means they are perfect.

Paul Williams (shown actual size).

 This week's ingredients for the hot pepper side dish.  Sometimes my hands feel like they are on fire.  I haven't figured out if it is from eating too many peppers or nerve damage.  Either way, it feels sort of good.

My personal favorite photo from the week.
Eli is a big fan of firetrucks so his mother and aunt took him to the Camden-Wyoming Fire Department for a visit.  He was treated like royalty and Greg the Fireman rolled out the red carpet.  As you can see by the look of awe on the little guy's face, it was a day he will remember for a long time.

Sorry, but I can't wait another 364 days to hear some "Double Dutch Bus."  Life is way too short.

See you next week.


  1. I loved the last picture of the little guy's face on the back of the firetruck. You can't pose those pictures. Great get!

  2. i don't know if hot peppers cause nerve damage but they definitely cause nerve numbing. i sliced off the side of the tip of my index finger with an exacto knife. in order to stop the bleeding my roommate dumped cayenne pepper on it. it was fine until it worked it's way down to the nerve i nicked and then i came unglued. not only did it stop the bleeding but i didn't feel any pain in the wound for 24 hours.

  3. Pierre wanted me to comment that he has been enjoying your blog. He says"I think I once saw Colby do the Double Dutch Bus dance at a UD Skid Row party . . . i think we got tossed and spent the night at the Deerpark drinking Mickeys and ruminating on why "freedom to dance" isn't a constitutional right. Rise up people!"