Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

L&I is sleeping.  I'd like to pretend it's because he's lazy, but the man is anything but.  As he drifted off to sleep, he tasked me (the Jewish wife he often refers to) with completing the SEP.  Oy vey.

Chard, asparagus and clementines.  Ah, the bounty of spring.    And factory farming (I think clementines peaked in February).  Global warming be damned; those cute little clementine faces (and their stickers that say 2 Juicy 2 Last 4 Ever) get me every time.  
Begin discussion.  Asparagus is best enjoyed roasted.  End of discussion.  L&I&I have been devouring it at an alarming rate. 
For the man who has everything camo?  For the hunter in your life?  For the drunk naked neighbor who needs to blend in with your bushes?  Why?  WHY?
There were too many gray, rainy days to count this week.  Eli and Lori, AKA Nanny of the Century, beat the doldrums with homemade peanut butter cookies.  I'm STILL waiting for mine.
Nothing heralds spring like the  blooming trees at the local farm.    I eat so much of their asparagus to legitimize my ridiculous addiction to their apple cider donuts. 

Thursday brought us our first official beach day of the season.  We picked the kid up from school and headed down for a few hours of sun, sand and a bit of football.  Anyone who knows our family well enough recognizes the humor and outright weirdness of me playing football.  Hence, the photographic evidence above.
There's no better way to end the day than with a few scoops from King's.  L&I always says he doesn't want any.  As the kid and I trade licks, L&I never fails to swoop in for a few tastes (read: tremendous mouthfuls).

I travelled to New Jersey (my home state) for a funeral.  Things I  miss about NJ: bagels and whitefish, my "little" cousins, chocolate drop cookies from Gallo's bakery and Panzarotti.  The only thing I'll never miss about NJ: the traffic.  Oh, the traffic.  I consumed a 1/4 lb of those chocolate drop cookies while sitting in this traffic.  Thank god I didn't buy more.
We brought home a growler of Dogfish Birch Beer for the kid.  The only way to end the week was with Birch Beer Floats.  Heaven.  I think I need more asparagus, though.

L&I will be back in all his witty glory next week.

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  1. My Mom loved fresh asparagus. My friend Dan makes the best roasted asparagus. You are now the third person I know who is an Asparagus Addict. Camo underwear? I'm speechless.