Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

Seven days worth of moments.

You can buy all the toys you like, but they will all pale in comparison to an empty clay pot.

 The first night of Seder.  Represented here are six of the ten plagues that befell Egypt.  I somehow doubt the original was this much fun.

 The second night of Seder was spent in Delaware and involved fantastic Moroccan food and wonderful company.  Great times.

 My son and his class took a field trip to visit the Kalmar Nyckel, one of the first boats that settled in Delaware from Sweden.

 I just don't get it.  Ask him to put a cereal bowl in the sink and he flips out.  Tell him to hoist the jig, and he's all into it.  

 "Everyday I'm Hustlin'."
-Biggie Smalls

 Turns out Delaware's first Swedish settlers were mutant midgets with very bad haircuts and beards.  Their arms were not long enough to hunt and forage, so they bartered goods on the river's edge.  
Actually, it explains a lot.

 Fatty Bar.
That is what I am talking about.  Don't sugar coat it, mama.  Tell me like it is.

 New spring hat (or bonnet) for the lass.

 Scene from a baby shower.  

 I broke down and bought a new mower.  It's huge, but it starts up on the first try every time.

 It finally happened.
A "Missing" poster went missing.

 This chair is the perfect "Where were you?  It's three o'clock in the morning!" chair.  I imagine I'll be needing it in about seven years.

 In the meantime, however, they are still just kids.  Here is the starting line of the annual Easter egg hunt.  Bring your "A" game.

I happened to glance down in a parking lot the other day and the word "kiss" appeared.  

See you next week.

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  1. Another very nice Sunday post. I especially like how the dog is taking in the baby shower. It's like he (or she's) thinking "These humans." I've often wondered about Delaware's first settlers. Now I know. Thanks! I have a smile on my face again as I end reading your post. Thanks for sharing.