Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

Sunday Evening Post
The day of rest already.  
Bring forth your images.

Elephant on display in the Rotunda of the Museum of Natural History.  
I'm (well, my wife is) crushing its head.

National Sculpture Garden.
You know.
  Just hanging out.
Spreading cholera.

Doing the robot at the Museum of American History.

Members of the Hells Angels spotted in DC.  Ever since that Sons of Anarchy show started, you see motorcycle gangs everywhere these days.

This is a rendition of me as a neanderthal man.

This is Dewey.
My wife's good friend saved him from the animal shelter and made him part of the gang.
He still has that new dog smell.

Master Blaster runs Barter Town.
(There are only a select few on the planet who will get that, but it makes me laugh).

My son surprised my wife with a fancy pants dinner at Chez Home.
The main entree was pan fried chicken.

The end of spring break.  Now get back to school and learn something.

We were saddened to hear about the death of our favorite local librarian.  Flo, you will be missed.

Birthday party at the bowling alley under the black lights.  Luckily, no one showed up covered in incriminating evidence.

Happy Birthday, Lily.

"Suckers on the side
I know you hate
My ninety-eight."

Photograph found on the sidewalk.

Little baby chicks for sale at the local agriculture supplier store.
They were a little dry, but went extremely well with sweet and sour sauce.

See you next week.

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  1. Always and eclectic and interesting choice of images from Delaware Life. Thanks again for sharing.