Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

Wow.  Busy Week.
Seven Days in pictures.

My son took up the guitar.
I hope he doesn't turn into this guy.

Ladies and Gentleman, our own "Juicy Lucy."
Two flat hamburgers grilled with a stack of cheese in between.

This young man has a twin brother, and yes, he is just as ornery.

Super School Librarian pulled off another stellar book sale, this time with a carnival theme.

Three good friends hanging out at the bowling alley.  Where have I seen that before?
That's right.  The Big Lebowski.

The Point to Point Steeplechase was this weekend at Winterthur.  My wife's friend sent a few photos. 
 Here she is donning a dapper sun hat next to her dashing husband
(no extra charge for the alliteration).

Another well-dressed reveler of equestrian competitions.
(That's fancy talk for horse race.)

Happy Ninth Birthday to Abbie, President of the Kent County Chapter of Elton John Fans.

The local ice cream joint opened its doors and this is the first (of many to come) frozen chocolate bananas.
(Scary, isn't it)?

Mothers Day 2011.

Dangerously Delicious Pie, flowers, and children.
A day well spent.

I finally found time to hang out at the ballpark.  I met a good friend in Wilmington to watch the Blue Rocks lose to the Hillcats -

but the dollar hotdogs made it all worth it.

As you can see, it was a sellout crowd.

Later in the week, we met back up in Baltimore with my father-in-law and mooched premier seats from another good friend.  Here is a famous hand-rolled "O" pretzel.

We were so close to the action that when you started talking bad about a player, they would turn around and glare at you.

See you next week.

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