Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

Every Sunday evening I sit down with pictures from the week and compile a quick summary - 
and every Sunday, I am amazed by how much fun I am having on a daily basis.
I feel pretty blessed.

My son's school celebrated Teacher's Appreciation Week by having parents decorate classroom doors.  

Homemade potato chips.

 A picture of us being followed by a killer truck -
Maximum Overdrive style.

I'm not certain what the argument was about, but I do know that the redhead lost.

Fish Tacos.
Tilapia and avocado.

Delaware has set up a Geocaching program that allows people to search for hidden clues around the state using a Global Positioning System.
My son found his first one at Barratts Chapel near Frederica.

I was able to get in a round of golf with a good bunch of guys early in the week.  My round was atrocious, but it was fun.

 Allergies were brutal this week and the only relief came via this large chunk of wasabi served at my favorite restaurant.  One moment of pain in exchange for a few minutes of clear breathing.

 Famous local tree.

 Some guys make cool look so easy.


  1. Killer Trucks. That's why I only visit my former home in Pennsylvania on Sundays, they're not on the roads on Sunday. It's their day off.