Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I suffer from seasonal allergies, but for the most part, I'm used to them.  I get itchy eyes, the sniffles - usually it is no big deal.  
There are, however, a few days when barometric pressure and high pollen levels team up to throw me for a loop.  Tears will roll down my face and my sinuses ache like a kick to the groin.

Today was such a day.  By the end of my son's swim practice, I was a mess.  My nose was a faucet and a headache was in full bloom.  I knew that there was only one drug that could fix me.


Wasabi is the little green glob that is served with sushi.  It's japanese horseradish and is in the same plant category as mustard.  It's hot, but not in a spicy way.  It's sort of like Vicks Vapor Rub on bathtub meth.

Eat it and burn, but the end result is a clear nasal passage.

My son and I jettisoned ourselves to our favorite restaurant and I immediately ordered an ice cream scoop-size of the green cure and salmon sashimi.

When it arrived I dumped a teaspoonful into my mouth, closed my trap, and was instantly sent to the fifth level of Hades.

But then, just beyond the pain, through the looking glass of suffering, came relief.  My sinuses were born again.  They rose from the fire and were baptized in goodness.  Domo Arigato, Wasabi.  If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right.


  1. there is also this wonderful stuff call "sinus buster" that does about the same thing. think cayenne pepper directly up nose. check it out at walgreens. http://www.busterbrands.com/

  2. Thanks, Sonya. I will definitely check it out.

  3. Fresh horseradish on a au jus roast beef sandwich works wonder for the sinuses too. In fact when I indulge in that feastorama, steam also goes out of my ears.