Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Mega Evening Post

It should be called the "Monday Lazy Post", but as I recall, Sunday is the day of rest.
Better late than never.

 Babies always look wiser than the rest of us,
like Yoda.

 Think sailing-
and orange creamsicles.

 Here is the radiant floor tubes going down at the house.

Concrete floor complete!
It took us a while to explain to him that it was what we wanted, but our builder did it perfectly.

Evil siamese twin yellow squash.
Fortunately, we bought a ninja blender to handle it.

Our first victim-
Strawberry banana smoothie.

My nephew had his tonsils removed
(Don't tell him, but I sold them in Peru for fifty bucks).

 Water calls to us.  
Try to take your stress and worries with you underwater.
It can't be done.

 O-H !
(Please tell me someone yelled I-O)!

As promised, I made the monkey rodeo at the Blue Rocks game.  It was one big ball of wrong and unbelievable.


 Joe Flacco's brother plays for the Frederick Keys, the visiting team on the night of monkey rodeo.  I also noticed a player named Bumbry.  It made me wonder if he was related to Al Bumbry, the Oriole star.  
Interesting Al Bumbry Fact:  He received the Bronze Star for his service in Vietnam.

 Went to Dead Presidents after the game.
If you can read the trivia question, the answer is Chester Arthur.

Letter D.

Feel the power of my juicer
(some dork stuck her cranium in my picture).

Speaking of juicing, I came across this gentlemen on youtube while searching for recipes.  He soon became cannon fodder for my favorite Facebook page -
It is the simple causes with well defined goals that get my attention.

See you next week.

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  1. Radiant floor heat, how cool (warm actually). I'm excited and it's not even my house. Another grand Sunday Evening Post even though it was on Monday. Still counts.