Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Good Wood

"Maz got good wood on it".

I listen to the Pittsburgh Pirates on the radio and Monday's game against the Reds was delayed by rain.  As a filler, an interview with retired pitcher Vernon Law was broadcast.  Law was a member of the 1960 Bucs squad and his description of Bill Mazeroski's game-winning homerun that won the world series that year was "Maz got good wood on it".

Good Wood.

Two words.  
Two, blunt syllables.  
Placed together, they are as simple as you can get, and yet, they resonated deep meaning to me when I heard them.  I realized that a lot of life and what we attempt to achieve with it is - for the most part - us simply trying to put good wood on it.

Every day we get the chance to wake up, the world pitches all sorts of stuff our way, and hopefully, we do what we can to put good wood on it, make it as pleasant as possible, make it work, make it happen.

The opportunity is here.  The time is now.
Let's swing for the fence.

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  1. "Good wood". Again, you bring a smile to my face. Yes, that is a good motto to follow throughout life. In fact, I think I just found the title to my next blog posting. :) Thanks!