Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

And on the Seventh Day, the Lord declared there was to be a post of the entire week.  And it was Good.

 My wife and I spent all of Monday cooped up in an IKEA, purchasing a kitchen, bathroom, closets, and pantry.  I was so Sweden when I left, my hair turned blonde.

 Here sits the man that made it all possible, the most helpful IKEA employee on the planet, who patiently fine-tuned our kitchen and saved me mucho dinero.  Turned out he was originally from Seaford, Delaware - of course.

I believe it was the Royal Teens who asked the question, "Who wears short shorts?"  
Answer: These IKEA shoppers.

 I rented a Penske truck and thanks to two burly friends (an ex-Delaware lineman and a country-strong Baptist) I hauled away twenty free concrete cylinders that probably weigh about five hundred pounds apiece.  They are going to create a visual barrier between my landscaped areas and natural fields at the new homestead.

Meanwhile back at the ranch....
The house progresses and the tub has been installed.  
(Kind of a creepy photo).

Anything like a restaurant that sells PBR by the can?
I'm buyin'.
I tried to convince them to put a PBR and PBJ lunch special on the menu.
I think they are considering it.
Restaurant 55.

Crab Spread.
It makes great toothpaste.

Hedge Apple.
You can thank FDR for these things.  The WPA planted over 200 million of them.  As kids, we called them monkey brain trees.

 You're never too young to get a job on the factory line or at the car wash
(I've seen that dress somewhere before).

 Our good friends took my son to the dollar store and he wisely purchased a fake severed hand.  Here he is cuddling with it and chewing its fingernails.
Some gifts keep on giving.

 Congrats to Bryan, who completed a masters program at University of Pennsylvania.
Well played.  He did it all for the iPad.

 Gives a whole new meaning to

 Cute kids make me sick!
All smilin' and laughin' and enjoying life.

 One of my favorite shows is Swamp People, in which film crews follow alligator hunters in the bayou.  They dangle rotten chicken over the water with a hook in it.
This contraption reminds of that show
(and the bait is a gator skin purse - go figure).

 My good friend designed this shelf system for our home.  

Congratulations are in order for Jordan as he begins a new chapter in his life.
The cake reads
"So long and thanks for the all fish" 
a line from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Ghost Riders in the Sky.

See you next week.


  1. "so long and thanks for all the fish!" i say that frequently when i am leaving work, a friends house, etc. or when people leave my house. i usually get perplexed looks.

  2. A very eclectic Sunday post. Enjoyable as always.