Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

Here it comes.
Fall is in the air.
The week in photos.

 Treated my son to a tasty Jake's burger for a little male bonding.

 Work continues on the house.  Here is drywall work on a wall that my friend designed for us. Great place to display my toy robots.

 The weather has been beautiful and my son and I have inspected every nook and cranny of our town.  Here is the secret garden we found behind the Knights of Columbus lodge. 

 I stopped by E's house in Annapolis to pick him up for the Navy/Delaware game and found that not only does he possess a John Wayne coffee mug, but he also is the proud owner of Dukes of Hazzard glasses.  He should get some type of bachelor award for that.

 The Blue Hens might have lost the game, but they won the tailgate hands down.

 The fellas and I are losing our touch.  Last year B and E had their pic taken with the Duke Cheerleading Squad.  This year it was with Billy, the Navy Goat.  Greatest moment, however, was when B asked three Midshipmen if they were Delaware fans.

 If you ever get a chance to see Navy play at home, take it.  Watching the Midshipmen march in is impressive.

 Couch Swatches.

 Why are baby's heads so much bigger than the rest of their bodies.  Is it to keep them from running away?

 WTF? K?

 That's right.
It is official.
I am somebody's Hero.

 It even has my picture to prove it.

 Bizarre sighting in my hometown - A young white male wearing Wayfarers, expensive watch, loafers, and a canvas belt with a tie and oxford.  I almost called the cops.

 Hey!  My nephew and his Dad took a camel ride!
How cool is that?

 The kids were out in full force, enjoying the water while they still can.

I was looking for some music online by Chris Tucker and stumbled upon this gem on Youtube.
It definitely captures what it was like growing up in the 19934 zip code back in the 70s and 80s.

See you next week.

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  1. A bit late with my comment(s) your always excellent Sunday Evening Post. I was especially struck by the half time show of the Navy midshipman. I probably couldn't take that all in if I was there in person. Very overwhelming. By the way, what do they call the women? Midshipwomen?