Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

The Week in Photos accompanied by quick quips -
in a trebuchet font, no less.

Keeping children quiet for over three centuries.

We had to buy my son a pair of glasses this week and no amount of bribery was enough for him to select a thick black pair of Buddy Holly's.

 We were able to squeeze in one last trip to Rehoboth for skimming and sun.  September and October have always been my favorite beach months.

 The carport pad and front walkway were poured this week at the home site.  My good friend designed the place and his attention to detail is really showing up in spades, as demonstrated in the roof overhang that protects visitors to our door.

 This photo of the local vacuum repairman's office was sent to us accompanied by the description of the proprietor climbing over the mess to get a needed part.  This will soon be an episode of "Hoarders."

E and associate caught a live show of The Laurie Berkner Band, one of the most popular children's music groups in the world.
(A couple of six-year-olds were busted in the parking lot for selling black market pixie sticks and lollipops).

The Emerson College Quidditch Team.  Fortunately, as the years go by, it appears that college students are getting smarter and using their free time more wisely.

Bald Cypress.

The "Route One Rivalry" should be renamed simply 
"The Rout"
as the Blue Hens destroyed the Delaware State Hornets by a score of 45 to nothing.
DSU's band, however, was the highlight of the night and tore it up.
I found this clip on Youtube from their 2010 Homecoming.

U of D's Marching Band, meanwhile, played a yawn-inducing rendition of Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends."  I feel morally obligated to come to the original version's defense and attach it to this post.

See you next week.

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  1. Rehoboth Beach in the fall is indeed a great time of the year to enjoy the never ending pleasures of watchng the gentle waves of the Atlantic Ocean rolling in on the sands of the empty beach. Fall is great time of the year for just about any kind of outdoor activity. The crisp air on your cheeks, the sound of the rustle of the autumn leave...a perfect way to end the craziness of summer before we enter the dark, gray, cold days of winter. Have a great week!