Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

Pictures of the week.
From the left side.
(Now slide).

 Now that my son's feet are officially bigger than mine and no stop is in sight, my wife and I like to pull out old photos every once in a while and wax nostalgic.  Here he is dressed as Boris Karloff many Octobers ago and another photo of him with Sinead O'Connor.

Plenty of house shots this week as a wave of activity struck the homestead.  Here a stack of doors ready to be hung.

Our IKEA kitchen has hit a few snafus that will hopefully be ironed out soon, because I got a fever for sipping Sunday morning coffee at this locale.

 Twin day at school.  They're almost as cute as Jack Lambert.


 Transporting our lights in the back of a truck.

 First couple coats of color.

 The tradition still continues in CR's Homecoming Parade.  The busy streets of Camden and Wyoming were shut down as Rider Pride ran free.
Here is a loyal fan cheering her brothers on as they roll by in strict float form.

 The Candy Man doled out all types of solidified high fructose corn syrup to the young ones.

 Eli proudly displays a tapeworm he found trapped in the rain gutter.
Way to go, E!

 ...And so, the Nutcracker King sold all of his kingdom's oil rights and  ore deposits to the Rat Empire and spent the rest of his days on the tennis courts in Monaco, where he tired the locals with the saying,
"How 'bout dem nuts!"

 Here is a pumpkin found in the patch that they forgot to inflate.
They don't make them like they used to.

Awaiting the Great Pumpkin.

Ain't no hills in Delaware, so we call hayseed like these four "Flatbillies".

See you next week.

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