Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

"It's been a hard day's night
and I been working like
a dog."
-The Beatles

But, hey.  Make some "Me" time and check out the photos from the week.

Jesus Saves....
parking spaces for others.

Delaware in the mist.

Chickens in the Mist.

We journeyed to the Philadelphia IKEA once again to return and replace, but a stop at Tony Luke's for a sub makes the arduous task worth it.

Our pendant light finally found its way home.
I really like the images and shadows it makes, but the number rule of the house is:

Settlement date has been set for the end of the month.

Here is my son's late-for-school slip.
Honestly, the door knob snapped off and my father had to come save him.
Oh, well.  It's better than the worn out "dog ate my homework."

I worked all day and got a text from my wife stating that there was shrimp and beans left over from dinner.  She asked if I wanted them. I was so busy that I could not respond that I did want them until twenty minutes later.
Her reply?
"Sorry. They are already gone."
Here's a picture of them.
Someone left pumpkins by the back of this car.
They are loaded with beta-carotene.

My nephew donning his ninja costume.
(This is everyday, run-of-the-mill wear for him - no lie).

Blurry picture of us test running the new fog machine.

Turns out IKEA parts make great laser guns.

The days have been long and filled from sun up to sun down.
Any ordinary man would have given it up by now.
I'm extraordinary
(It's in my DNA).

See you next week.

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