Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

Pictures of the week.

 Anti-drug posters drawn by fifth graders.

 Word on the street is that we will be stocking our new pantry next week.

 Guest bathroom sink.

 Colder weather hit on the eastern shore.  
Looks like my nephew found a remedy.

 A lot of the week was focused on unexpected surgery for my son.  Nothing serious, and everything turned out great.
Here is his pre-op breakfast of champions, four individual packs of jello.

 He got to rock blue and gold hospital bracelets, treasured status symbols of the trendy pre-junior high crowd.

 I can't say enough good things about A.I. Dupont Hospital for Children and their staff.  Here are staff members competing in a group Halloween costume contest.  Smurfs on the right, angry birds to the left.
(Is it wrong to think Smurfette looks smurfy hot in her go-go boots)?

 The best part of the surgery was the gifts and swag people sent.
Edible fruit.

 A rare photo of the Ragin' Asian Cajun doing his best John Cusack impersonation in front of Michigan Stadium.
Its inclusion in this week's post will certainly create controversy for my OSU family members, but when a man is hitting his stride, you have to give him credit.

 This photo was sent to my wife's phone from her friend who was in the process of getting a weave.   

 Here is the final product.
It looks sensational, but everything is a little bit better when coupled with the right song.


A very happy 50th birthday to Danny, living proof that a rolling stone gathers no moss.

We'll finish up with a shot of my nephew and his friend dressed for Halloween as English aristocrats.
God Save the Queen.

See you next week.

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