Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

The Sunday Evening Post / 
Monday Morning Quarterback Edition

Sorry about the delay.
I fell asleep on the couch last night.

 All sorts of Halloween pictures.
Here is a rookie, not yet sold on the idea.

 This guy is definitely a veteran.

 Homemade genius.

 Fortunately, Trick-or-Treating is still legal in California...
for now.

 Professor Sheldon Cooper.

 My wife sent this photo to me in a text and threatened to buy it for me.
 My reply.

 It is nice to have friends with skills.
Here is our new barn door under construction.

 Reading time in front of the new house.

 My wife's sister threw a grand 50th birthday celebration for her man in Philadelphia and it was a year-topper for a great time.
A date with the Mrs. is a rare event.
The name of the restaurant is Osteria and it has forever altered my perception of Italian food.

Brotherly Love.
(Hug it out).

 The boy who cried wolf.

 Monday morning commute.

The kitchen is done.

 Here is the barn door on its rail.  I bought the hardware at Central Tractor and the wood is pine.  It came out better than I had imagined.

 An interesting find was this beer based out of Cherry Hill, NJ.  It is the Flying Fish IPA.  My wife is from Cherry Hill so I challenged her to a hometown beer contest - Flying Fish vs. Dogfish Head.  

 The corner of Broad and Wallace.

See you next week.

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  1. I've been away awhile. Always a pleasure to return to your comforting Sunday Post. As always, wonderful slice of life photos. I love your new house. All those clean lines. Also comforting. Your style.