Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

A delay in internet service caused a one-week (weak)
New home.
New post.
The week in pictures.

 A little hang time with our new neighbors.
We are back on the family compound.
It's a lot like being on the TV show 
(I'm JR).

 Talking shop with the future generation.
Diversify your bonds, floss your teeth, etc.

 Hooch is a word that needs to be used more often.

 Happy 40, S.
(It's the new 21).

 I have a hypothesis that cranberries are preferred over dingle-berries by a rate of 100,000 to one.

 Das Boots.

 Nephew Art.
(Bravo, Jack.  Well done).

Swings and Fall just seem right for one another.

 We are slowly getting around to decorating the home front.

 First coat of paint on the barn door.  


How many men out there have a wife that will allow them to confidently display their toy robot collection?
She's a keeper.

See you next week.

1 comment:

  1. I think your new home would be considered minimalist. Clean lines, breathable. Very nice.