Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Evening Post


The kid got decked out.

The Jews and Christians converged on Longwood Gardens for this year's "Hanamas"
Here are the choreographed fountains
in full swing.

 C does a mean Ron Weasley impersonation from the Harry Potter movies.

 I give this shot about an 8.4 on the cute scale.

 Gingerbread trees.
Look closely and you can see bite marks on the toy train where kids thought it was made of candy.

 My wife sent me this shot of cacti, so I texted her back, "Larger than Jim Backus".
It is an obvious reference to 3rd Bass's Cactus Album.
(The lyric is: "Larger than Jim's the cactus").
I spent the next hour trying to explain it to her.
Jim Backus.

3rd Bass
(Discuss with friends).

Mother and Son.

My wife thinks the kids drew this picture of Longwood Gardens because they had such a good time.
I think it's because they are thinking about breaking in later and need a map.

My Mom puts together an advent hunt every year, so the days of December 1 through 24 are a non-stop adventure.

Max is now a proud owner of a "Bazinga!" T-Shirt thanks to cousin Margie, who saw his Sheldon Halloween costume
(Now if I can just get him to start studying advanced physics).

Any more fog like this and Rudolph might be getting the call from the bullpen come Christmas.

See you next week.

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  1. I like that cactus song! I've never heard it before. I will have to listen more closely. Right now I'm digging the beat.