Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Evening Post

"Cause it's gone daddy gone 
Your week is gone
Gone daddy gone 
The week is gone away".

(But it's cool - we got photos).

 Three foot tall wooden tooth outside a dental office in Milford.
Somewhere out there lurks a giant pissed-off George Washington.

 Buffalo head that hangs in the Eastern Shore Brewery located in St. Michaels, Maryland.

 Here is the logo for their porter-
Duck, Duck, Goose.

Drinking green tea and watching the Redskins lose.

 I am always on the look out for some new tattoo ideas, so I end up with pictures like this.
People ask me what my tattoos mean, as if they have a hidden message or are symbolic.
They do:
"Mid-life crisis".


 We are trying to start a new tradition and have family and friends over on Sunday nights for dessert and tea.
If you are in either of these two groups, let me know.
(I, however, pick the accompanying music).

Not only did my wife have rice pudding this week, but she got to share it with her Dad.  
Lucky Duck.
(Rice and tapioca pudding will always mean Martha to me.  My Gandmom could not finish a meal without them).

 This is one of those laugh-out-loud pictures that could possibly win a Pulitzer.
His pose is very Lord Fauntleroy.
His T-shirt.
The stalker-kid in the background.

 Christmas tree is up.

This has the full potential of being a fantastic "Benny Hill Show" chase scene.

 Scene from the house.

 Master Tan throwing West Coast gang signs in celebration of his birthday present:
a personalized Blue Crab Feast picture with a warning about filling up on hush puppies.
Oh, yeah.
One percenter.

 It's what's for dinner.

 Usually I get this view just before being fired by the boss for stealing, but on this occasion, it was actually a scene from a bar.

 This is how the tragedy of "Athlete's Hand" began.
Seriously though, my wife is a huge fan of this woman, Jennifer Pastiloff.  Old friend, inspirational yogi and and doer-of-all-sorts-o-goodness.  She's going to be on Good Morning America on December 27th.  Check her out.

 You are my sunshine
(Third verse
same as the first).

What is left of the noontime cookie tin at 4:00PM.

SEE you next week.

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