Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Sunday Evening Post

Born under a bad sign.
Making mountains out of molehills.
Whereabouts and locales from the past week recorded on two iPhones and an iPod.

 David Mead poster in Easton, MD.  Missed the show by two days.  Would have went well with coffee.

Spinach omelette croissant sandwich.
"Om-e-lette this tasty sandwich pass my lips and..."
Sorry.  Too Corny.

I found this grand framed print of Blackbeard the pirate hidden out of view at another new coffee shop in Dover, the Governor's Cafe.
Nice place if you don't mind slumming next to the Governor's mansion.

Scene from Banh Mi Boya Vietnamese sandwich cafe in Newark, DE.

Family dessert night continues as we travelled over to my bro's casa with cupcakes.

We checked out his new high fa'lootin', 3D, HD, slim as a crepe television.  
I have seen the future.

This is the scary part of visiting his place-
seven (yes, seven) remote controls.  I can never turn on the football game without adult supervision.

Dead-eye Kim's target grouping from the ladies' shooting night.  

Eli and the wolf.

My wife and I like to read together in bed before we go to sleep.  She showed me this ad the other night.  I haven't slept since.

Can a cake have too many layers?
Let's ask Mr Owl.

Never mind.  He creeps me out.

That's a fancy name...
...for such a tiny plant.  The sign is bigger than it is.

My son checked out the MLK memorial on MLK Day!
Neat stuff.

See you next week.

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  1. A spinach omelette croissant, looks and sounds delicious. Funny thing, I used to hate spinach, turnips and strings beans when I was a kid. I love them now. Maybe it was because my Mother cooked them until they were mush. Now I cook them al dente and the flavor is there! And no, a cake cannot have too many layers. I love those multi-layer cakes. Especially German Chocolate cake, my father's favorite. I haven't made one since he died in August of 2000. I suspect his ghost will return if I bake one now.