Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

Baby, it is cold outside.
Weekly summary in pictures.

A humid and steamy photo of my wife's Body Flow Gym class.
It looks like a Turkish prison.

 Grandfather's camera.  It's a Kodak.

 Camouflage Finley.

 I picked up some lip balm for the Mrs.
It's called "Chicken Poop."
She is now envied by all her peers.

 Eli at the dentist.

 Eli at the dentist doing a Ray Charles and Jaques Cousteau impersonation.

 Slurping wonton soup with a straw.

 Blanket rides.

 The famous Wright Sisters got their nails done
(and their groove back).

 The end results.

 Sick kid.

 Decoy cockroaches were hung around the office to lure the real ones out of hiding.
It did not work as well as peanut butter.

 Famous line from a Bogart movie.
It hangs at the Annapolis Grill.

Lunching with the shark.

I stopped into the public library to pick up a few winter reads and was drawn to this gem.
If a book can be judged by its cover, this is Pulitzer material!
Couple questions:
1) Why would you shoot the flashlight?  Is it evil?
2) What's up with that guy's face?  
3) How many times have you seen a southpaw shooter featured as the hero?

See you next week.

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  1. Yet another great Sunday Evening Post! Always a pleasure stopping by your place Liberty. Always.