Tuesday, March 27, 2012


My friend called to wish me a happy 40th birthday.
He was 24 hours early.

"It's not 'til tomorrow.

I have just one more day to live it up".

We have a language all our own

(as close friends do)

so his reply made perfect sense and was one meant to uplift any feeling of melancholy that a milestone such as this may bring.

Cary Grant."

Of course,

(as close friends often are)

he was right.

I imagine


 to Cary Grant

 was a speck of lint on his trousers that he detected early in the evening and pinched between two fingers.

With squinted eyes

and head cocked

he casually inspected it

and then flicked it to the floor

and got on with the day to day chore

of being himself.


  1. I was at my peak at 40. Looking at 40 now from my vantage point now, thirty years later, 40 looks pretty damn good.

    Happy birthday young man!

  2. Thanks, Ron. Hopefully I will have the chance to look back thirty years from now as well.