Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

The week in pictures.

 Awesome cup of espresso with roasted coffee beans that you can crack betwixt your teeth.

 Dainties at a friend's home for lunch.
My,my.  Very cotillion, I declare.

 Baton Twirling
For Physical Fitness.
Somewhere, an Irish cop is smiling.

Told you.

The rumor was that pennies placed in tulip stems would prolong their freshness.  My wife found one already tucked away when she purchased a bunch, so there could be truth to it.

Everybody was kung-fu fighting....
at the elementary talent show!

 Swim team mothers are in the house.

 Members of the squad display their gold.
Nice work, people.
Now hit the pool and churn out fifty.

 Beware nap attacks.  They can strike at any moment.

 A meal fit for Poseidon himself.

 Danny Shivers promo poster at the Cultured Pearl.
That's right-
Danny Shivers.

 New Flor carpet action in the kitchen area.

 My wife and I always kid about how dog owners secretly put peanut butter on their nether regions.  Well, this does not help their case.  Turns out the above dog toy is human shaped and has a space in the groin area to put a scoop of PB so canines can chew it and grab a snack.
I call it Exhibit A.

 We finally got around to hanging up some art.  Here is the painting by Jim Houser that my wife's sister gave us.  

 Making pottery.

 Edible beer cake in Washington, DC at the cake show.

 One percent of that 76 percent then hurl it like a grenade.

 High gas prices?
Who cares?
This ingenious family in Denton, MD rides in style and for free!

 Once again, Team IHOP represented at the Dodgeball Madness Tournament to benefit the Special Olympics.
We got crushed.

Fortunately, the local hangout had Turbodogs to nurse our wounds.

See you next week.


  1. That expresso looks like you could stand a fork in it.

    Thanks for another great Sunday evening post!