Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. James Cagney Day!

Because no Candy-ass snake-handlin' green-wearin' Roman-British Bishop 
could stand a chance against the original Yankee Doodle Dandy.
"Top of the world, Ma!!!!!
Top o' the world!"


  1. One of the most memorable movie scenes of all. Of course he was on the top of a gas tower that was about to blow up. Another scene I remember from "White Heat" was one of his gangster buddies pointing out to Jimmy Cagney's character that the guy they had in the trunk of the car probably couldn't breath. So Jimmy "air conditioned" the truck but shooting his gun into it. And wasn't Virginia Mayo the perfect gun moll? Great movie! Great photo here too.

  2. Thanks, Ron. I was listening to the Pogues the other day and saw that their band members had replaced St. Patrick with Cagney (who was Irish). If it's good enough for them...
    My favorite gangster flick of that era, though, was "Dead End" with Bogart as Baby Face Martin. This was the first appearance for the Bowery Boys, too. I have to see that one again.