Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Evening Post

A friend asked,
"Isn't summer the best?"
Yes.  Yes it is.
Here are the photos.

Miss Match and her sister,
Even More Miss Match.

Is that a deep sea diver shirt?
Well, then -
"C'mon, Cookie!  Gimme my twelve!"

Get your Finley in while you still can.
She hit the big time and pretty soon, she'll be out of this one horse town.

"That cupcake makes a mess and we got a case again".

Field Day.
It got two thumbs up.

A line was dropped from Africa.

“For me, the world of nature bears spectacular witness to the imaginative genius of our Creator.”
— Phillip Yancey

Pinkies up.

Hanging out at the Costco lot.

The sea was angry that day.

What a wonderful sentiment.
If only all good things could last...

but then I guess they wouldn't be as sweet.

When everyone's ice cream looks good, just take it away from them.  
They'll understand.

Fortunately for some, I found this dead, so it did not end up in their office desk drawer.

Burgers and Beer.

Ran into this guy on the Delaware-Marlyland border.

Thank-you notes are still in style.
I checked.

Summer Moon.

Happy Memorial Day.
See you next week.


  1. Summertime is the best time of year. I loved summer as a kid. During my working years I was too busy to notice summer. Now that I'm retired I love summer more that I did when I was a kid. By the way, that was the best looking turking I've ever laid eyes on. You're enjoying summer the best way, through children's eyes. The memories they make this summer will last them a lifetime. I still relive min. Savor summertime and enjoy!

  2. Thanks, Ron. My son will soon be eleven and it seems like only yesterday that I would give him a bath in the kitchen sink. I miss it, but look forward to what comes next.