Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why Not?

The word "No"
no longer suffices now that my son nears the age of eleven.
His questions that are answered in the negative are volleyed back at my wife and I with

"Why Not"?

Most of the time it is frustrating, this new brand of rebellion -

this fresh defiance.

tonight as I walked through a darkened house and from his bedroom he threw a "Why Not" out into the silence,  

it hit me hard, those two lone words.

Why not.

His mind is no longer that of a child, but his voice is.
The stretching of vocal cords doesn't seem to pace that of the growth of imagination and wonder.

My own Why-Nots suddenly haunted me.

Why must they suffer?
Why won't he change?
Why will it end?

Every once in a while,

Why Not

has to win the debate.  It deserves to be the checkmate, the game-ender, the final blow.  

Good will surely come from careful Why-Not victories-

Because I Say So.

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