Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Sunday Evening Post

He wouldn't beg.
He wouldn't heel.
He was a bad blog.
Pics from the week.

...And this little piggy got smashed by a table leg.

Well worth it, though.
Check out them legs!

What is wrong with these people?
These replaced cucumber slices.
I want the cukes back.

Take Your Son to Work Day!

The ladies all went to New York City.
The photo montage begins here.

 It was a well deserved venture -
A diversion from the routine text.
Fortunately, their children were left in the hands of responsible fathers...

...who fed babies nerf darts as snacks.

The ten dollars I found in my pants pocket.

Strawberry shortcakes.
Summer must be near.

Mrs. D's garden is the only one I have ever seen with artichokes-
and I can never see an artichoke without thinking of Stymie.

Happy Mother's Day!

See you next week.

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