Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

One more week.
You need proof?
Exhibit A.

Crazy week that ended with a shindig at my house
(Daft Punk couldn't make it, but E did).

The parental units.

 Seems like yesterday my wife was a nanny to four of these five.  She adores them.  Amazing to see them all together.  

Paint your wagon-
and come along.

We saw the Bucs get smoked by the Nats in D.C. on Wednesday.  This like the beginning of "Reservoir Dogs".

Fly over at National Stadium.

No Jolly Rogers raised on this day, but it was a great night for baseball.  I got to watch two ex-Buccos crush back-to-back HRs against the Pirates.

The unstoppable Z-man slows down just enough to refuel.



Little House on the Prairie.
(Which one is Half-pint)?

There were so many kids at my house that I am still finding them in the tall grasses a day later.

Good to see some old friends are back in town!

How long has it been since you've heard this one?  How good does it make you feel to remember it now?

See you next week.

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