Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

Happy Father's Day.
It is Sunday and here are the pictures of the week.

Water and oil won't mix, but it goes along with kids just fine.



The ice cream fairy.

My son had a wonderful week at Scuba School.

I can't look at wrapped presents without thinking of the ending for the movie "Seven".

Here is what is left of my wife's busted toenail.

Awesome cookout at the the House of W.
Now that is how you start a fire.

Sparkler madness.

L and Z.


Say what you want about Tigger, but "dirty rotten sinner" is pretty harsh.

 Spent a beautiful night in Baltimore watching my beloved Pirates lose.

Excellent German beer.  Grab it if you can find it.  Drink it when you are out of bread.

The Witt Bros. wall of cleavers.

Beaver Cleaver.

How much for the bear in the window?
(500 dollars).

See you next week.

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  1. Uh, that's how you burn down a house too Colby. Wow, he was lucky.