Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

It is Sunday. 
 The Pirates are on a tear and
 Jesus loves us.
All is good with the world.

One Step Beyond.

Because everyone wanted a pony when they were young.

Touching ocean for the first time.

Beach Bums.

My wife received a Starbucks gift card from a friend in Ghana because it turns out there are none there.

The Graduates.
A word of advice, men:
The future is in plastics.

He sure do clean up nice!

Summer Family Credo was ripped off from the Principal's commencement speech:
Take risks and sign up for extracurricular activities.

The final farewell for Family Lehman in their front yard included beautiful sunsets, heat lightning, and fireside chats.  I probably should have intervened here, but I was mesmerized by a one-year old chowing down on pepperoni the size of hockey pucks.
Party on!

That's a little above and beyond.

Check out these hipsters!
My mother-in-law looks like Rachel Menken from "Mad Men!"

I had some official bidness at the Capitol.  Last minute, so I snapped a photo.

Market Street Public House in Denton, MD.
Mean wraps.

Check out the bird my coworkers found outside of their office.  They picked it up and stuck it in a tree.  

I almost got struck by a Jeep zipping around Kent County!  Fortunately, I snapped a picture of his license plate.  It was a big bald guy with tattoos.
He was blasting Neil Diamond, too.

See you next week.


  1. Stopped in at that public house last year after a bit of antiquing. We really enjoyed it! Great atmosphere and food.

  2. Summertime! Fabulous photo montage this week Colby. You like "Mad Men?" I just recently discovered it. That was my era. What amazes me is how accurate it is. While I wasn't an ad man, I worked in a bank, the depiction of the Sixties is right one the mark. Even to the sex. My friend, who was a manager at Wanamakers Department Store, who I used to meet for lunch, one day had sex in his office on his desk! So true. Not me though. :) I was a bit more circumspect. :)

  3. S- The town of Denton has an old-school car show and movie one night every month over the summer. I hope to check out the next one.

    R- I think I am caught up to the end of Season 4 when he remarries. My other favorites are Breaking Bad, Sherlock on the BBC, and Spy on Hulu. I am looking forward to "Copper" this August on BBC America. It is about a Civil War veteran who becomes a detective in New York City.
    Great desk story! If my desk could talk, it could only complain about spilled coffee and being a mess.