Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

The family was scattered throughout the nation.
Luckily, they took their phones with them to document the hub-bub.

I received a phone call from Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco from my Dad to get an update on the local football scores.

CR beat Downingtown West.

Blue Hens beat Bucknell.

Dasymutilla occidentalis,
AKA "Cow Killer".
If you ever see this female wasp walking around, steer clear.

Took a cigar for a walk.  Drew Estate.  Nice smoke, but it left my mouth tasting like the underside of a clam shell.

 Pulp paperback found at the library.  
Cool cover.
 Why does it always have to be a white ghost?

Blueberry pancakes with lemon curds at the Abbott's Grill brunch in Milford.

My Son and I biked the rails-to-trails in Easton, MD and checked out the Met's Opera schedule for the winter. 

We picked up a half dozen of cupcakes to break bread with family on Sunday.

My Wife was out in Madison, WI to assist friends with a move.  This is the head of her welcoming committee.
At some point she was whisked away to the Willey Street Fair.
Here are the highlights of the procession
(If you slowly scroll down while eating funnel cake, you actually get the feeling that you are at the parade):

I'm not sure what is more disturbing.  The face makeup that reminds me of Gene Simmons or the time and effort that went into that bacon sign.

I received this shot from a friend via text.  
He said he hates the Yankees, but is there because of his wife.  Now that is true love.

I, on the other hand, got to check out an old fashioned, rough and tumble, blue-collar-city team...
The Baltimore Orioles.
Great baseball weather.  My Pirates are struggling to break .500.
 There it is.  Hopefully the flock will return home safely from its excursions to woo us with tales from afar.

See you next week.

This is Yid Vicious, a band who was present at the parade the photos came from.


  1. Colby,

    Downingtown West! Did you know I am a graduate of Downingtown? Class of 159 buddy! In fact we're having a reunion this Sunday. Lunch at Pizzera Uno in Exton. Unfortunately I can't make it. I recognized the blue and gold immediately. I used to play in the marching band, sousaphone. I'm going to borrow your picture. By the way, my senior year we won the Ches-Mont title. The Whippets were unbeaten. You do get around. :)


  2. Small world, Ron! That is pretty hilarious. Whippets? Whip it good.