Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

The Post with the Most
(and the grooviest hosts).
The week in pics.

The first day of fall.
Halloween is near.

I caught this guy getting ready to eat a beetle.   

Catching up with friends in Heartland, Wisconsin.

 Apple picking for Rosh Hashana.

My in-laws sent an oyster shot from Florida.

It was a week chockfull of this man's multiple birthday extravaganzas.
Happy 8th B-day, J!

My wife obtained the iPhone 5 before her tech-savy friend, so she did the right thing by sending this photo to him as a sign of sympathy
(In her spare time she ridicules old ladies crossing the street).

Congrats to A and her new baby boy!

I bought a guy in my office a Pop Tart holder 
because eating delicious, wholesome and organic morning pastries without one would be uncivilized.

My kryptonite is ice cream, and this is the best kind on planet earth.  Green tea at Sagami's in Collingswood, New Jersey.

The family unit went on a field trip to the city (the big, big city) of Philadelphia to see Peter Gabriel in concert.  Incredible show that ended with the So album being played in its entirety from track one to finish.

The country bumpkins at the Wells Fargo Center.

My mom was in Carmel, California and couldn't resist a photo-op retort to Clint Eastwood's GOP Convention act in his hometown.

This is the face of 0630 hours revelry in a tent while camping.  There is not enough coffee in the world to fix it.

Dover's new library!
I love the self-checkout, the graphic novel section, and the upstairs lounge with a view of the rooftop garden.

Look into my eye.

See you next week.

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  1. Great looking family enjoying life it its fullest. I always enjoy reading (and seeing) your weekly post. Have a wonderful week!