Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

This week was a mullet: business in the front half, party in the back.
The Sunday Evening Post.

Young golfer hits the links at the par 3.

I stopped by a Pennsylvania rest stop on my way to the Philly Airport and saw a Pirates cap being put to good use - in a pile of junk.

Swag the grandparents brought back from their trip to San Fran.

New and tasty yogurt that keeps my wife clear of yeast infections.

That's funny stuff.

New (to us, anyway) comic book shop in Annapolis.

Animal heads at Anthropolgie.  We are diggin' on the zebra.

My son bought me a Heroclix game pack, wrapped it, and stuck it on the fridge.  I almost felt bad giving him a thrashing at it.

Must be October, because the Punkin Ale is here.  Festivity in a bottle.

See you next week.

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