Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

While the DNC and the GOP pretended to be VIPs,
L and I got its freak on.
The week in pics.

This little piggy went little kitty.

My nephew got to check out the National Toy Train Museum.

Scene from the walking trails around Newark, Delaware.  We ventured up and had a great bike and stroll.

The best part was that it ended at the U of D field house where we tried out some UDairy ice cream all made on site.
On the left is cinnamon toast crunch and the right is peanut choco loco.

Strange Brew.

Mushrooms in my lawn
(I'd prefer potholes).

As long as you have a red t-shirt tied to the back, you should be good to go.

Nothing like finding a black widow spider feasting on a praying mantis next to your carport door.  Makes you sleep soundly.

Sunday's meal is braised short ribs.

I must admit that we had a grand time at the Roller Derby in Milord, Delaware.  It was pretty intense and the crowd was just as entertaining as the derby.  We will definitely check it out again.
Here is a link to the Southern Delaware Rollergirls.

My mother, Saint Susan found this infant squirrel outside of her home a few weeks back.  I didn't post the picture then because I feared the little lady wasn't going to make it.  Well, I am happy to report that "Susie the Squirrel" is doing much better and here is a shot of her from this week after being raised back to health by some local volunteers.  She will be released back into the wild in a few days.

Way to go, Susie!!!!
(Insert theme to "Rocky" here).

A friend of my wife called her to let her know that she was flying over our house.  I missed it, but my wife and son waved and got the shot.
Permission to buzz the tower was granted.

We leave you with this week's song from Grace Potter and the nocturnals, featuring a youtube video of the Southern Delaware Rollergirls at the Wheels and Heels fashion show.

See you next week.


  1. Wild and varied shots this week! Camera at the ready with that pickup truck. I wouldn't want to be behind that truck. Great story on the rescued squirrel. I've never been able to bring back to health any of the rescued critters I've come upon. Never had a baby squirrel though. Maybe they're tougher. Have a great week!