Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

September Begins.
Weekly recap in pictures.

 Photo from the local bike and hike trail.
See if you can find the turtle.

I always take photos of the hymns I dig.  This week was Immortal, Invisble, God Only Wise."
AKA number 103.

I dislike the Yankees, but I love Lou Gehrig.
I recently read a philosophy book that argued his farewell speech was the greatest piece of rhetoric from the 20th century.
Here is his photo from a hotel in Berlin, MD.

Here is another shot from the same place.  Word of advice: never trust a man who dons a straw derby.

Split pea soup.

Here is a shot of a daughter helping her father with some moving.  I like the fact that Dad is wearing gloves, whereas daughter is sans clothing.  Also, the three year old went straight to the beer as the top priority.
Wise young lady. 

Check out the little ride in front of the big rig.  It's tough to see, but there is a mean stereo system in the back.  

The small designs in nature always seem to trump anything man is capable of coming up with.

My days of pulling piggy-back duty are numbered.

The Bruise Brothers and Sis.
When they aren't tackling each other, they're busy eating rusty nails and glass.

Andy Warhol soup cans stocked at Target.
15 minutes of fame.

Here they are in my kitchen.

Gravestone found on a nightly promenade.

Beer of the week was Honkers Ale by Goose Island.
Two left thumbs up.

Here is the front stoop from the Blue Water Grill in Millsboro.  Great food.

Sunday Dessert with the family.
Spend more times with the ones you love.

See you next week.

Marilyn McCoo was the answer in a crossword this week.  It made me laugh thinking of her singing "One on One" by Hall and Oates.
So here it is.


  1. That picture of your son piggybacking on you reminds me of Tom Cruise carrying his nine year old son Conner around when Conner was almost as tall as tall as he was. Time to have another kid. By the way, you're hotter than Tom Cruise.

  2. Don't tell my wife, but Katie Holmes told me the same thing. I think I might've had something to do with the break-up. I feel horrible about it.