Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

Brew a cup of coffee, have the dog fetch your slippers, and check out the week in photos.
It's free.

Pimp my shoe.

 I give props to any cafe that names a beverage after the King.  The Green Man in Rehoboth Beach.

Terrible photo, I know, but the Sussex Central Band blasted out "Safety Dance" at the high school game.  That should count for two touchdowns.

Thumbs up.

 My Grandmother was inducted into the Delaware 4-H Hall of Fame!

 Hip ladies theses days are navigating boats and riding bikes underwater.  It is all the rage.

My wife cleaned out my parents' basement and located my missing Shogun Warrior fist.
Game on.

If loving the black arts and your pug dog is wrong, then this guy just don't want to be right.

Snapshot my wife of her and her best friend, circa 1994.  They went to the Rusty Rudder that night and a dude called my bride-to-be "Mustang."  She still sports that half shirt at weddings and birthday parties for kids.  

Check out these two misfits in the pumpkin patch.  

My wife got more great shots from Ghana.  Here is the Makola Market, one of the world's largest open air markets.  The goat seems to be taking it all in.

My sister-in-law is going all out as she begins teaching her students the book Frankenstein
(Pronounced Fronk-in-steen).

Lazy Sunday afternoon viewing "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy".
Good film.  It gets ten toes up.

Gingerbread apple upside cake is the dessert of the week.
Break bread with loved ones.

see you next week.

Creepy month deserves creepy songs.


  1. "Energy Elvis" - would that be a pureed friend banana and peanut butter sandwich? That'll get you going.