Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

Lives were forever changed last week.
Here is the replay.

We were in Philadelphia for a wedding. 
The city from the hotel window.

Rarely do you find a couch so comfy that you feel compelled to have your picture taken upon it.  
I point at its luscious red leather for posterity purposes.

My opinion on pinkie rings before I saw this picture:  Never.
Now that I have seen this rich philanthropist sporting one:  Never say never.

Bob must know what it means to be in love.

Easily top three best cups of coffee in my life.

My wife's self-photo after a rare makeup session.

It was worth it.

The sisters three and mother.

Flower girl.


Here are the newlyweds just moments after joining together in holy matrimony.

Here they are about 24 hours later when reality starts to kick back in.

 You couldn't ask for a better wedding venue.

Lichtenstein Cookie.

Bunch of kids over at the house topped off the seven days.

See you next week.

The song of the week comes straight from the wedding-

"Chapel Song"
We are Augustines

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  1. Handsome family! Make the most of every moment of life. Too soon it is over. Nice post.