Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

Punkin Chunkin.
Is this a
table of contents
a list of things that go squish in the night?
You decide. 
The week in pictures.

"Make sure you have a clean pair of underwear"
was Mom's advice, because you never know who may end up seeing it.  Well, the same can be said for T-shirts worn under business attire.  Let the above be a warning in this day and age of camera phones.

 I am a big Henry Rollins fan, so when I heard he was visiting all fifty states I figured I could catch him in Maryland or New Jersey.  The idea of him actually coming to DE was so unfathomable that I forgot that Delaware is one of the fifty.   
Here is a grainy shot of him in Dover, performing in the same theater my Dad took my brother and I to see Star Wars.

My town is a railroad town and every once in a while you can catch traveling art exhibits thanks to our nation's best graffiti artists.
The canvas for this piece is the side of a box car.

One of the big annual events in the First State is Punkin Chunkin, a "sporting" event that brings over one hundred thousand visitors to Sussex County.  Sure, I could have taken photos of the pumpkins being hurled or toddlers with painted faces or the carnival-like atmosphere, but in my humble opnion, the above shot sums it up the best.
This is the cute winter hat that a college co-ed was wearing just after she drunkenly fell off of a cooler and smashed through a hurricane fence.
Punkin Chunkin-
taking something natural.......
and wrecking it.

When I get up?!?!?! 
It is 10:33 AM on the day after the clocks go back.  What am I - a hibernating bear?
My incredulous reply ends with "...destroying the day by the mouthful".

My wife and son visited Chicago over the weekend.  She sent me this photo of him at Lego Discovery and said that M finally met his real father.
(I always knew she had a thing for dark side guys).

Time for the Halloween Parade.
Bring it on!

Lions and tigers.

(Official bug of the First State, by the way).


Mish-Mosh of excellence.

"Let's all go the lobby and get ourselves a snack!"

Check out that fake beard!

This little carriage used to belong to my wife and her sisters, and then she and I pushed our son around in it.
Now it is in Chicago being put to good use.

My wife got homemade cinnamon rolls fed to her.  I didn't even know that such a thing existed.

The famous Chicago deep-dish pizza.
Putting New York to shame since 1893.

The Windy City skyline....
Lego style.

See you next week.


  1. Colby, you lead one INTERESTING LIFE my friend. Love the graffiti railroad cars. That is some artwork. Real talent there.

  2. It is my wife that leads an interesting life. I just live vicariously through her.