Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

New (the same guy)
president elected last week.
We were there.
7 days of photos.

This portrait hangs in my local polling place.

Tension is mounting...

The die is cast!
Yes, I voted for Gary Johnson for president (as did my wife).  It was a lot like like rooting for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  You know its going to end up in a loss, but it just feels right.

The Presidential Seal.

Great photo of a dog enjoying the warmer weather that my cousin captured up in New Jersey (the picture, not the dog).

How come skateboard art is so good, but art hanging in museums is not?  Why can't they switch places?

Here's an ad my wife came across for a rechargeable battery.  Tough to read, but it states, "It can almost double the power of the IPhone 4 life and take the fancy of the people in short trip."

Home bound.

Eli, doffing a Mom-Mom the Great original.

A friend had a big shindig election night and served marshmallows, apples, and peanut butter to construct Joe Biden's teeth.

Homemade French Fries.

Jill has been running around all week
yelling "Rise up Lights".
I keep screwing by just saying "Razor Blades".

Dog in a wheelchair.
Gives a whole new meaning to "rollover."

A couple of Rockettes were kind enough to pose for pictures outside of Radio City Music Hall.

 This is the photo I will use for the back of my album.  That's my "Blue Steel" stare.

We finally got a chance to eat at Agave down on Second Street in Lewes.   It was all very good and there was a lot of it.

It seems fitting to finish up with a photo of this young man who just returned home from duty.

Happy Veterans Day.

See you next week.


  1. I've enjoyed stalking your blog for months now but I just had to come out of lurkdom since you are the first fellow blogger I've met who loves 'em some Johnson....Gary that is. lol

    Live Free!

  2. Thanks for checking in and glad to hear that other free thinkers are out there. One day it will all come together. Love the beagles icon!

  3. Those homemade fries look DEE-LICIOUS. Wednesday my neighbor Barbara is treating to lunch at Agave - I'm ready! Have a great week. :)

  4. Awesome, Ron. Agave is indeed a great spot. Enjoy.

  5. glad to know i wasn't the only delawarean to vote for johnson.